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SKILL FoundationSKILL Foundation (Satyananda Kendra for Integrated Lifelong Learning) is a non-profit organization that educates underprivileged children in India. It provides a balanced learning environment to the children by engaging with them in innovative ways. Many children describe their association with the Foundation as a life changing experience. It is a forum for transferring the highest grade of skills to the lowest strata of society.

SKILL Foundation was founded by Mr. Prem Verma, retired Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. It grew out of Mr. Verma's dream to serve the community after his retirement. It is based in Patna and supports communities in some of the most underserved parts of India.

The shortage of skilled workers could potentially take the sheen out of India's progress in the next few decades and leave millions of children with an uncertain future. SKILL Foundation recognizes the critical need to educate underprivileged children through integrated learning.


1. Mr. Prem Verma, Founder Trustee
2. Mr. Himalay Verma, Managing Trustee
3. Ms. Sangita Verma
4. Ms. Shalini Verma 
5. Mr. Ashok Kumar Rajgarhia, An Industrialist from Delhi
6. Ms. Nimisha Verma, Proprietor, SKILL Designer
7. Mr. Ashir Thuyyath, IBM
8. Mr. Ashok Verma, Geologist


1. SKILL Foundation's US Network - Dr. Pragati Shukla, Philadelphia pragati.skillfoundation@gmail.com

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