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Best In Breed Education

English - English is undoubtedly the de facto business language. New employment opportunities such as call centers and BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) require basic skills in English. Most of the English medium schools are beyond the reach of the underprivileged children. SKILL Foundation offers the students best in breed training in English language free of charge. The courses are offered in 3 levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced. Due to the overwhelming response from the community, the trust runs 4 batches of 25 students each, with 3 classes everyday over 5 days of the week. The students also receive free career counseling over weekends.

Computer Science - Digital literacy and ICT skills are an important part of SKILL Foundation's curriculum. We teach basic & advance computer courses, Tally, AutoCAD, Photoshop and so forth. We are unable to increase the average number of students per class because of lack of PCs. We look to your support for increasing the number of PC.

Maths - In 2013, we added math to our curriculum to complete the the three R s of education - Reading, (w)Riting and (A)Rithmetic. The course has special emphasis on strengthening the students' fundamentals in Math and calculation, to prepare them for competitive exams.

Life Skills

The students imbibe rich the experiences of Mr. Verma who has spent more than three decades in the Indian Civil Services. Mr. Verma has such an engaging style of teaching that the children are always reluctant to end the class. The students learn soft skills such as social etiquette - taking turns to speak in a group and queueing up in an orderly manner. SKILL Foundation encourages the students to imbibe the 9 SKILL mantras - Punctuality, Neatness, Patience, Co-operation etc. At the end of the academic year. the Foundation rewards students who demonstrate these skills throughout the year.

Unconventional Teaching

Mr. Verma has introduced unique teaching methods such as:

SKILL Foundation

SKILL Foundation