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SKILL Foundation is unique because it runs on the principles of collective leadership. Founder Trustee, Mr. Prem Verma and Managing Trustee Mr. Himalay Verma are involved full time in the daily activities of the foundation.

We offer Teaching Assistants program that lets students assist the Foundation in class management, maintenance of records such as attendance, documentation etc. The program follows the mantra ? Learn while you Teach and Teach while you Learn. Through this special training the Teaching Assistants get hands-on work experience. Some students eventually join SKILL Foundation as employees for short stint.

The foundation appeals to senior citizens who volunteer on a regular basis through guest lectures and other services like health check-up. The Foundation also offers a Sponsor a Child program that lets you sponsor students for computer science classes.

You are welcome to contribute to this cause by volunteering or sponsoring students.

The following volunteers participated in SKILL Foundation's "Sponsor a Child Program".

With each generous donation, a disadvantaged child becomes computer literate.
1. Ms. Arunima Patel, Mumbai, India
2. Mr. Rajesh Shewani, Mumbai, India
3. Ms. Shiwa Agrawal, New Jersey, USA
4. Mr. Ananda Bose, Singapore
5. Mr. Lijesh C.K, Dubai, UAE
6. Mr. Praveen Jaiswal, New Delhi, India
7. Mr. Jai Thomas, Bangalore, India
8. Mr. Aatmesh Shrivastava, USA
9. Mr. Harish Thungani Durgaiah, Singapore
10. Ms. Satsuki Koju, Singapore
11. Ms. Reena K Abraham, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
12. Mr. Nilkant Bhide, India
13. Mr. Gagan Malik, India
14. Ms. Mangla Verma, India
15. Mr. Akshat Verma, India
16. Mr. Manas Jena, India
17. Ms. Ilaria Gialdini, Italy
18. Ms. Maya Shenoi, India
19. Dr. Parvin F Desai, Mumbai, India
20. Mr. Vivek Kumar Sharma
21. Mrs. Mohini Verma, UK
22. Mr. Savio Montero, Dubai
23. Mr. Murzban R. Thunthi, Mumbai, India
24. Mr. Bhavesh Shah
25. Mrs. Vinishree Solanki, Ahmedabad, India
26. Dr.(Ph.D) M. Vishweshwara Rao, Mumbai, India

SKILL Foundation

SKILL Foundation